Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Montevideo is an uninspiring city with a fun-to-pronounce name. The greyness of the city is complemented by the browness of the water lapping up against its walls. Accommodation was less than stellar. Infuriated by tepid showers, we left hostel number one and went to hostel number two where it was too cold to even consider getting undressed to bathe.

Shouldn't put big ugly buildings up behind national monuments

We sampled the local vegetarian cuisine, which proved hilarious, dangerous or just plain inedible depending on your opinion as to whether food served from a lukewarm bain-marie which is then microwaved (by the waitress) to a temperature approaching warm is suitable for lunch. Pigskin lampshades in a vegetarian restaurant were a curious choice of decor.

At a Chinese eatery I ordered a large plate of Mao Po tofu, which, although tasty seemed to have some sort of ...urgh... brains.... as an ingredient.

After getting used to the idea of microwaving our own food, we enjoyed a tasty all-you-can-eat buffet at one outlet of a chain(!) of vegetarian restaurants. Four to eight hours later, neither of us suffered any side effects and the meal was declared a success.

Montevideo sits beside a river of chocolate milk.


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