Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Botanical Gardens- Catland

In a strange throwback to Ancient Egyptian feline veneration, cats have free reign over these gardens on the outskirts of the CBD. Much to Angie's delight, there are literally hundreds of kitties lazing around and being brought food by the local people.

Kitties everywhere

Myself and this beast were equally surprised to find two human babies suckling at her teats.

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Kerry said...

Pity they dont feed off the cats rather than feed the cats! Figure there aren't any birds an lizards left in the gardens!! (Can tell I luv da lttle puddy tats!)

Am presently trying to figure a way to coax a wombat from under a house at huskisson- the house is starting to lean due to the burrowing. The ol lady inside the house is considering shooting the 'bat. Feisty ol biddy! Only thing we seem to catch in the trap is cats! Cheers Kerry