Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bye bye Lakes District...

Next was a few more days of relaxing, sleeping in and thinking about our next move...

Hmmm....what to do? What to do?

A couple of days turned into several, one because Junin was such a pleasant little place to hang around, and two, because Angie ate something suspect, and fell victim to a violent and shambolic case of food poisoning, possibly a result from malicious lettuce, which kept her housebound for a couple of days.

Junin Hostel

Eventually, the time came to leave, so we mangled a goodbye to our hosts Marita and Aldo and set off back to San Martin where our bus options were greater. We had to decide whether to head North to Mendoza, East to Buenos Aires or to the coast region just South of Buenos Aires. BA, as it is abbreviated to by English speakers around here, was chosen because to was the easiest to get to, and for practical reasons, such as the necessity for another hearty round of inoculations and my need for smaller pants (good shopping there apparently). A bus was booked and we spent two days inside, hiding from incessant drizzle, venturing outside only once or twice when the weather momentarily ceased. On a grey Wednesday afternoon we left the Lakes District behind us as set off on the 19 hour bus ride to the Eastern side of Argentina.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave and Angie,
We have been keeping up with your trip. Your writing and photos are fantastic. We didn't know you were so talented on the writing side. It all sounds incredible.
Regards Lyn and Coventry