Thursday, May 17, 2007

Angie Eats a Steak.

Angie vs cow.

Oh, Dios Mio!- they never shut up about it here. Steak. Everyone. Steak steak steak. Its all people want to talk about. And when I can't enthuse? And have to drop the V-bomb? So many time I've seen the look of embarrassment, mistrust, shock, pity. Some people apologise, some can barely disguise the horror.

Anyway, we went out to dinner with a friend and Angie ate a steak. I agree- It was spectacular- a great hunk of cow you could use as a pillow. I was more impressed by the nine delicious and perfectly prepared side dishes- roasted garlic and onions, pumpkin mash, mushrooms, green vegetables among the mini side feast.

Who needs steak? (I can hear you frown)

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