Wednesday, May 9, 2007

MALBA: Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires

Malba is a big white gallery full of fantastic art from the 20th/21st Century. It houses mainly work by Latin-American Artists, but there is also a mezmerising collection 60's and 70's of Op-Art, the biggest single collection I've seen on display anywhere. Grooooovy! No photography allowed inside, so Angie only managed to sneak in one photo (from the permanent collection I think):

Everyone loves Che

Outside the gallery a towering VU meter flashes in reaction to the level of ambient noise.


Heather said...

Gudday, really striking photos as always.. am dreading Argentina being a Vegetarians nightmare but sounds like you survived. Keep on truckin!

dave&angie said...

don't worry about a thing guys - you can eat like (vegetarian) kings in b.a.! i have already sent a big list of all the best vegie restaurants to heathers address. as for the rest of the country, you can get soy milanesas and vegie sausages in the supermarkets and some restaurants and everywhere else there is always muzzarella pizza! :D angie xo