Friday, May 11, 2007

Recoletta Cemetery

Where Argentina's rich, famous and dead live in surrounds more luxurious than most of the hostels we've stayed in.


Adominic said...

Hello people, im very much likin the blog - pro job.

I got bak the gift. It was bonkers, just as our bus was pulling out i saw my bus from the day b4 get in. I ran off the bus jumped onto the other and there it was!!!

Ye 4 sure get in touch wen yu hit london coz i will be in the south east looaaads nx year.

Hit up................

(not such gd photos as yu but its ok)

cu soon

stephen said...

sorry dave, i saw secret chiefs 3 on tueday night. it was incredible.

dave&angie said...

waaaaaaaaaaah! no! i feel ill.