Saturday, May 12, 2007

How to amuse the kids while shopping- Buenos Aires style

This is the highest floor of the Abasto shopping mall, the largest cathedral of its kind in Buenos Aires. To placate the children who are unenthusiastic about capitalism, you can bring them here, where swinging pirate ships, dodgem cars, zeppelins on monorails and a rollercoaster emit a fierce golden sulfur glow. Infinitely more impressive than that plastic rocking car outside Woolies.


Kerry said...

WOW! Im never going to ride the Woolies lil blue car again! Reckon I'll shop in BA from now on!
Great to view your trip through the photos Ang & Dave. Looks fabulous, reads fabulous. Keep the pics comin!
Kerry, Dane Tegan & Coen XXX

dave&angie said...

hey guys!! great to hear from you! hope all is well down your way? stay tuned along the way.
love angie and dave xox