Saturday, September 15, 2007

Zumbahua- 1st Stop on the Quilotoa Loop

Every Saturday Zumbahua hosts a market in vibrating technicolour where farmers from the surrounding mountains buy and sell their weekly supplies. The market is for locals, and thus is filled with the neccesities of everyday life; vegetables, meat, grain and livestock. There's not an 'Ecuador' emblazoned wall hanging or figurine to be found.

Angie says hello to some groceries

It was fascinating to see this little economy at work, and to watch the people who depend on it, but the on-site, open-air slaughterhouse/butcher was rather graphic for those who are not used to seeing the entire, brutal transition from animal to foodstuff. Much more pleasing to the eye was the amount of colour (that wasn't crimson) on display; in the produce, the buildings and the clothes of the locals.


Transport home

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