Saturday, September 1, 2007

Something Else to Worry About

Bussing in Ecuador can be a stressful experience. As if bag-napping scammers and psychotic drivers weren't enough to worry about, a new and totally unexpected fear was realised on the road to Pedernales, when Angie's backpack and my bodyboard attempted a premature and entirely uncalled for stopover in the middle of nowhere. The first we knew of it was when the bus made one of its usual, but this time slightly more urgent stops after a particularly severe series of bends in the road. Angie stuck her head out of the window, only to see the bus attendant and his mate jogging back towards the bus, each carrying a piece of our wayward baggage, which had escaped when the luggage hold doors flew open mid-80kph-bend. The bag suffered minor cuts and abrasions, while the board sustained minimal bruising. There really isn't anything to say that stunned speechlessness can't when something like that happens.

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