Tuesday, September 11, 2007

6 Months Brings a Couple of Dubious Milestones

Today is six months since we touched down in Santiago. Our original plan of being in London by now has not eventuated (thanks be), and we are currently just South of the Equator, staring down the prospect of getting through a huge portion of the Earth (i.e. the Northern Hemisphere) within our remaining one year. Who could've thought the planet was this big?

Click to see optimism in all it's laughable detail

The date bought with it a couple of milestones for us, happenings that I was sure would've struck long before we hit this anniversary.

Milestone Number One- First Argument in Spanish

It was a nice bar. We sat on the terrace that overlooked one of Quito's main pedestrian strips where Security personnel are as abundant as the mortals they protect. The menu listed a miscellany of supersweet, superstrong suggestively named drinks. A card on the table advertised a two for one special on a selection of these, and we ordered a couple of Caiparhinas at the (what we assumed was) the discount price.

When the bill arrived and appeared wildly bloated (they provided a menu of lame excuses as to why the special didn't apply to us- the best one was that we had actually looked at the main menu before ordering), the 3 or 4 celebratory drinks provided the confidence to not only question the outrageous sum, but also confront the manager and launch into loud and boisterous argument, entirely in Spanish. After much flailing of arms, creative grammar and confused stares(ours), the confrontation climaxed with me dramatically emptying the contents of my wallet (about $1.50) on the counter as evidence of our budget accounting only for the cheap price. "Mires! Mires! (Look! Look!)" I earnestly implored, "No hay mas dinero!!! (there is no more money)". From the there the exchange tapered off into apologies and forced courtesies, and we left, strangely buoyed by the experience- it turns out that Spanish is an outrageously fun language to have an argument in.

Milestone Number Two- A Less Enjoyable One

Everyone said it would happen, and now it has. Someone helped themselves to our traveling cash while we were out of our room squabbling with the local establishments. Luckily it was only $60, but that's it ok? That's our turn done. No more stealing from us everyone. Cheers South America!


Stephen said...

hey dudes,
how goes it? you need to try and fit cambodia in on the way home. I know its the only place i've been but its amazing!

Anonymous said...

G'day, congrats on hittin the 6 month mark, reading your blog makes us want to jump on a plane back over to south america..

-Andrew and Heater