Sunday, November 18, 2007

Twin Lanes Bowling

Most people spend their time in La Paz coked to the eyeballs and getting up to all kinds of ‘tolerated’ illegalities. Not us, you’ll be pleased to know. Aside from shopping and pancake breakfast competitions, we spent a good deal of time with Sam and E-J at ‘Twin Lanes’- the premier (only) location for ten-pin bowling in La Paz. Apart from the intense competition on offer, the main reason for spending so much time there was the $1.80 games and the quaint, old-timey atmosphere.

We scored on a piece of paper mounted on an angled wooden bench, while the ovular balls shook and rattled down the lanes, which were smoothed to the steady level of spent minefields. And waiting at the end of each lane- real life pin monkeys! Not actually animals (though in La Paz I’m sure they’d employ uniformed primates if it was viable), they were humans who risked untold levels of lower leg destruction each time they moved in to restack the pins by hand. I’d never seen these guys in the flesh before, and I’m sure they must be an endangered species.

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