Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tourist Moments 2

These girls are trained to spot a person like Angie from 100 paces. By person like Angie, I mean someone that involuntarily transforms into a bouncing bundle of excited shrieks at the sight of any animal less than two months old. We'd seen scores of them all over the streets of Cusco, hauling lambs and trailing baby llamas, preying on the huge herds of brightly patterned tourists. These two passed us on the street, and Angie managed to let out a small yip before I could restrain her and avoid an afternoon of harassment from lamb carrying, costumed Cusqueñas. But one giddy, muffled squeak was all they needed to identify a fresh kill. With no escape available, we agreed to a photo- the price is 50 centavos, they said. It turned out, of course, that Angie actually wanted to cuddle the lamby, giving in to her touristic instincts and barely able to hold still enough for a photo. Of course, when paying time came, the price had doubled due to the fact that there were two lambs in the shot. When is comes to tourist towns, Cusco is definitely the naval of the world.

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