Sunday, June 24, 2007

La Cumbre

The next day we escaped Cordoba and arrived in La Cumbre, a quiet, cold little village in the mountains. We climbed a hill to look at a Christo and the town itself. That night we ate a fantastic meal at one of the rare restaurants in Argentina that does not conform to the seemingly state-enforced menu of steak, hamburgers, pizza or multitudes of ham/cheese combinations. The place we went to served dishes if not from, then inspired by, places around the world. Well, India and Mexico at least. I ordered a curry, muy picante (very hot). The dish I got was wonderfully smooth and sweet, the Argentine version of hot. Angie had a Mexican dish that really was spectacular, although again, devoid of any real heat. The entrée of samosas was also lacking heat- the middles were still frozen when they arrived. Both times.

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