Friday, June 1, 2007

Back to Argentina

Bye bye Uruguay

As far as uninspiring and depressing places go, the boarding 'lounge' at Colonia port ranks up there with the inside of a shipping crate. Tastefully fitted out with a torn and abused pot pourri of ex-ferry seating, the frigid room is decorated with faded advertisements for perfume and liquor (the boat is a duty-free zone). A constant buzz comes from an unidentifiable source somewhere in the ceiling, a dark coolness radiates from the grey rubberised floor.

Buen viaje!!

The slow boat between Buenos Aires and Colonia is fitted out with all the incandescent glitz and sophistication of your favorite RSL. I ventured up onto the upper (outside) deck but was driven back inside by the vicious winds of the grumpy River Plate. We docked in BA, went through customs, joined a throng of eager taxi hunters outside the terminal and ended up being voluntarily ripped off to make it to the hostel that (we hoped) had accepted our booking.

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