Monday, June 18, 2007

Iguazu Scraps

Angie, me and Dennis

It's pretty obvious that the sole reason for the existence of Iguazu town is that magnificent water feature down the road. Nevertheless, we stayed on a few days to take advantage of the sun and the hostels own water feature (the pool). 'Highlights' included a walk, first through a vicious hangover, then to Tres Fronteras- a lookout over the river towards Brazil and Paraguay. On the way Angie was viciously attacked by four wasps, resulting in some nasty swelling and plenty of sympathy from Dennis and me.

Good Ol' Argentina in the foreground, Paraguay, land of eyelash implants on the left and Brazil with all its fabulous breakfasts and credit card fraud on the right.

Later that day, beneath a walkway in the bus station, Angie found a cardboard box containing three freshly baked black puppies. She had an excited cuddle of one of the lethargic little balls and then tucked him back in the box with his siblings. We went off to buy a bus ticket, after which Angie cold not resist another cuddle. It was this time that mum showed up, and proceeded to threaten Angie and corner her in a dead end.

All's well

"You can't eat my puppies!"

"I don't want to eat your puppies!"


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