Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Trapped in La Casa Roja

Three Fitzroy locals, meeting for the first time in Santiago

Not really trapped, but the atmosphere here (and the pool, bar and pounding sunshine) make it hard to leave. Were doing EspaƱol lessons, so thats a good excuse to hang around for a little while longer, but soon we head south for big nature of Southern Chile and Argentina, and to have a taste of Patagonia. It will be good to get going; there are an inordinate number of Australians here, and sometime it feels more like we are in a northern NSW coastal caravan park than the heart of Santiago. The other night there were four of us, all from within a few streets of each other in Fitzroy, along with another couple from the Dandenongs, a few Sydneysiders and a couple of girls from Tasmania. Chile?

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Vanessa Clenton said...

Hi guys, we've finally got to your blog. The photos are fantastic. Steve has been taking particular note of Dave's photographic techniques. I would love to see a coffee table book of your best photos. My goodness, Dave you look like the wild man from Borneo and Angie looks like a model! Does this mean that one of you is hogging the bathroom facilities?
Vanessa and Dad xxx