Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Angie tries to blend in....

Blondes are a rare species in Santiago, and Angie's golden flowing locks tend to attract a little too many stares for our liking- especially since people here are not afraid of being caught having a good long perv (they call it machismo here- giving it a name seems to be justification). So, Angie decided to colour her hair dark in an attempt to blennnnnnnnnnd. Being dyed blond, she needed to colour her hair red first, so that the black dye didn't turn her mane green. But in the hustle bustle lifestyle of La Casa Roja, its easy to get sidetracked, and she only made it as far as the red step of the process, so now she tends to stand out even more, with her bright curls glowing like a fiery beacon in the dark follicular landscape.

A typical Chilean chica

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