Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pichilemu Horses!

Angie fulfiled a long-held ambition today, and I was lucky enough to go a long for the ride...(boom-tish). We went for an absolutely stunning amble along the beach on the back of a pair of horses. The experience began with a driving lesson, Chilean style. We were motioned to get up on our respective horses, and our instructor then demonstrated a quick left/right/up motion on the reins. Lesson completed (it really was that quick), test passed and we're off! The ride was fantastic, it was late afternoon on a overcast day, and our route took us along the beach, up through some sand dunes, past a lake (higly polluted, and thus a beautiful green colour- with pink flamingoes) and through a little patch of pine forest and then back onto the dark grey sand of the shore. Angie's horse wa a little too obedient and actually took her where she directed it- which was straight into some bushes at one point- more lessons may be needed for the future.

Yar, yar

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