Monday, May 5, 2008

Trippinvignettes - Number 1

What This Is

Continuously, we run into people that play memorable little bit-parts in the low-budget road movie that is this trip. Most of the time, I can’t take a picture of them, because that would be rude, and the reason they’re so memorable is something to do with something they’ve said, which is also difficult to photograph. Hence the need for Trippinvignettes, little incidentals that show the meaningless-but-remarkable kinds of soundbites we encounter on the Gringo Trail. Sometimes it’s something stupid someone has said, and sometimes it’s something funny, or just something plain bizarre. It'll be semi-regular, I'll put up a new one when there's nothing else happening.

Most of the quotes are word-for-word, though sometimes we’ve (Angie and I) had to paraphrase or reconstruct lengthy diatribes from memory, but I always try to keep the spirit of what was said. Most of the names featured have been changed, just in case the subject can’t appreciate the humour.

These pictures are meant to be lighthearted and fun, though if the truly stupid lend themselves to vicious treatment, that can’t be helped. Most of the players here were nice people, some of them we ended up hanging out with for a while. So if you suspect you’re part of this series, please don’t be offended…

Number 1 - The Perils of Bus Travel.

In which ‘Spencer’ advises how to avoid and deal with threatening situations on Mexican buses.

‘I was on the bus in Mexico, and I had two seats to myself, so I got out all my things- my iPod, my camera and my phone and some books and put them on the seat next to me, and then I noticed some Mexican guys looking at me and looking at my stuff, so I got all paranoid and I got my knife out, and just held it you know, like that. But it turned out they just wanted to talk to me and that's where I learnt alot of my Mexican words like extrae├▒o.’

Lazybones Hostel swimming pool, Leon, Nicaragua.

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