Friday, May 2, 2008

Sofobomo - one nineteenth

A shack in Zipolite

Sofobomo is a project for photographers, the idea being that you create a book ready to be printed within the space of a month. It's an exercise designed to get people creating these types of things, rather than just think about them forever. You can read all about it here.

Mine is finished, and it's here. It's called one nineteenth (the month making up one nineteenth of our journey).


dbwalker said...

Just wanted to drop a note...

Nice SoFoBoMo book! I just wish it was longer, but I guess I will dig thru the blog for more.

Then again, leave 'em wanting more ... it's a good motto to live by.


Amy Sakurai said...

A marvelous book, Dave! Thank you for sharing it. What a great mix of photos that convey a sense of place -- sometimes exotic, sometimes simple. Gorgeous colors and composition... I want to reach out and touch sometimes, be there and breathe sometimes. Way cool! I can’t even imagine what the other 18 months of your journey might bring -- it would be overwhelming.