Tuesday, October 16, 2007

From Huanchaco to Arequipa

Hills outside Arequipa

After returning to Huanchaco, we had a couple of frustrating incidents involving fake money (I am now the frustrated owner of two counterfeit 50 Sole notes). From there it was a quick Southwards burn to Lima, the city of the nine month fog. It was still at it's uninviting overcast best, but we were glad to stock up on chip sandwiches and peanut butter. An overnight bus took us southwards.

We awoke to the jolt of our bus heaving under heavy brakes; our proximity to southern coasts clifftops ensured that nobody was going back to sleep soon.

We came to rest for a night in Arequipa, a tourist village of the in-your-face style that Peru's tourism board seems to have mastered.

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