Monday, April 2, 2007


Uncooperative Sealion

Angie had a close encounter of the sea-lion kind, in Valdivia, Chile's 'Most Beautiful City'. I coaxed her closer and closer to the beast to take this photo, and just as I pressed the shutter release and moved the camera away from my face, a terrible barking roar blasted its way from the lungs of the lion and straight into Angie's red locks. Much to the amusement of the crowd, she covered at least ten metres in the second before the sound died down, skimming across the wet concrete of the markets to safety. That was the photo that got away.

Microseconds from hilarity.

Big Beer in Little Germany

After all the excitement of getting too close to nature, Angie and I, along with our new friends, Heather and Andrew, ate chip sandwiches in McDonalds and caught a collectivo (small rattling bus) to the Kunstmann brewery, just outside of town. There we saw the beer museum, which featured a fascinating display of empty beer bottles from around the world. Australia was well represented, with our national brews of Fosters, Millers and Budweiser making up the collection. The real highlight of this Little German Brewery in Southern Chile was the 2.5 litre column of beer that we drank after- Muy Grande!

Twelve dollars of beer never looked so big.


Anonymous said...

lovin the B L O G! great to run into you both.. perhaps c u in Bolivia? safe travels, Andrew y Heather

Ash Bee said...

Hey Angie, Better watch out for those sea lions- just the other day this girl from WA got attacked and bitten on the throat by one- true story, it was on the news! :) mouy non bueno

Anonymous said...

Angie girlfriend!!
Don't know about the red hair............. Looks like your having fun but cold! Luv Catheine x.