Monday, April 16, 2007

Heavens part- But for how long???

Free At Last...

One morning we awoke to blue skies and only the faintest fraction of the gales that have been keeping us housebound. Determined not to waste it, we ventured out into the day to climb the same mountain I had been outsmarted by a few days ago. After finding the start of the road up (a feat of suburban navigation in itself), we began the climb and found ourselves huffing and puffing topside a couple of hours later. Huffing and puffing so much that we decided to laze our way back down the mountain in one of the cable-car's cute-as-a-button red pods. With closing time fast approaching we thought we'd fit in a quick 30 minute walk to one of the very many lookout points.

This is the entrance to the look-out walks. Apparently the sign says 'Wet Paint', but I didn't see any paint at all.

Outside- No paint here either.

Trying to do the circuit backwards was not as clever as we thought and we ended up on the 90 minute course. It didn't matter in the end as the cable-car stayed open longer than we expected, and the fantastic upside of it was that Angie had her first encounter with real snow! (there were also some spectacular views-again). As an added bonus, we got to find out if food really does taste better when you're revolving, as we consumed cake and coffee in the hilltop restaurant. The results were inconclusive, but delicious.

Angie, meet Snow.

Wood panelled revolving restaurant, red bubble dome cable-car, and now this on the wall at the exit. Can you tell this was all built in the 60's? (the real cable-cars had wires to run along)

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