Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Teej

Indian society is incredibly male oriented, however, they have at least one festival dedicated to women, the Teej (spelling probably wildly inaccurate). They also have mother’s day, but this is an import from the West. The Teej, as it was explained to us by our hotel owner, is a two day festival, in honour of Hindu women.
On the first day, the women are showered with gifts from their husbands – jewellery, clothes, flowers and food. On the second day of the Teej, the women are prohibited from eating; they put on their best saris and head to the temple or holy place to make offerings and pray. And for what do they pray? (Here is the male twist in the tale) As our hotelier put it the purpose of the women’s day is for the women to ‘honour their husband, and pray for his health, longevity and success’.

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