Thursday, June 19, 2008

New York Round One

My first day in New York was an ulcer-inducing succession of problems, setbacks and ‘very, very unusual’ computer malfunctions, as I went about obtaining my visa for India. In the capital of the world, the internet had somehow not made it down to street level, and on the rare occasion that it was available, cost at least eighteen, eighteen dollars an hour. After an ordeal I’d rather not recall, I submitted my application and began the nervous wait for my passport to be returned. Our flight to London left in two and half weeks, and processing time for an Indian visa was two to three weeks…

Meanwhile, Angie had a wonderful day browsing through expensive shops, making new friends in Central Park and even had a New Yorker buy her a coffee when she ordered before realising she had no cash. !!!

Once we got to eat some of the massive, famous New York Pizza slices, everything was ok.

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