Saturday, March 8, 2008

Volcano Tumbling

Apart from inhaling sulfurous fumes, people climb Cerro Negro to come back down to sea level in what the tour companies promise to be an EXTREME (!!!) fashion. It's called volcano boarding, and involves strapping your feet to a short, snowboard-like object an then swooshing down the basalt slope of the hill. I tried it, and failed miserably at any kind of stylish descent, instead, I tumbled down most ungracefully, filling my gloves, boots and face with gravel. Angie took a toboggan and made it down in one go, but the fact that all the goggles were scratched beyond anything resembling clarity, and also the fact that it was now dark, made the experience a blind one.

The slope looked just like a regular piste, except in negative


Down ...and repeat

Low-light sliding

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