Saturday, February 9, 2008

Turtle Rescue!!!

One thing many people love in Nicaragua is eating the eggs of endangered turtles. Playa Majagual is a nesting site for the mums of these eggs, and one man in who lives in the area watches for a laying turtle, then goes and digs up the eggs and reburies on private property (the sandy front yard of our hotel). He does this so nobody can get to them and the baby turtles and they get to have a decent chance at life. We were staying in hatching season, which meant every now and then a confused baby turtle would be found wandering around some part of the grounds, needing to be directed toward the water. This is where Angie came in. She spent many hours diligently searching under bushes for lost turtles before running them down to the water’s edge and sending them off into the sea. It was her favourite part of the trip so far.



B. Fred said...

I really liked the turtle comments, but your whole site is great. Thanks for the window into another area of the world.

B. Fred

"or is that B. Friend?"

matt said...

Baby turtles are great

Renee & Tyrone said...

Omg your site is awesome, Tyrone and I read up on it almost every day..

Love the turtle pics the best so far.. amazing!!

Safe Travelling x