Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rio Muchacho

We hired a couple of bikes- Super Huffies- top of the line k-mart tredlies- to cycle our way out to Rio Muchacho, a permaculture farm outside of Canoa. After a couple of hours pedal through some beautiful, green landscape, we were fed and then taken on a tour of the farm. The farm exists as both an educational example of how the land can be better used by farmers, and as a money raising project for the nearby primary school.

Super Huffy and another perilous water crossing

The farm has an abundance of animals, both in adult and baby form, the latter of which kept Angie enthralled the entire length of our stay. Perhaps the one species that did not win her heart were the roosters, who settled on a nice crowing position right outside our room at around 1 or 2 in the morning, and maintained that position until well after breakfast was served at 7:30 (!!!!!- it is a working farm so times are of a different, and rather unpleasant significance).

The farm house

Angie making chocolate

The ride back was going swimmingly, until the chain on my Super Huffy snapped about 2km from the main road. After pushing my disabled machine along to the highway, we flagged down a passing pickup, whose driver gave us a lift into town. Apparently he was in a desperate race against some clock to get to wherever he was going, and we had a high-velocity journey of pure terror in the back of a truck. The wind in my face has never been more horrifying than those five minutes, with total obliteration just a road-crossing animal away. But we made it back and just tin time too, five minutes later and we would have to pay for the full day rate for the bikes.

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