Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Uyuni Desert Day 2

More surreal rock formations than you could poke a camera at. Snow resting on brown sand. Pink flamingos being blown across iced over lakes by a white, unceasing wind. Air without oxygen dry chilled to painful temperatures. The day was journey through a minimalististic nightmare, and when night swooped, it didn't bring with it anything closer to reality.

The sky shimmered blue with starlight and the frozen rocks cracked like chalk under our boots. In these temperatures, the human body reverts to stuttering, robot movement; you can feel the fluid in your joints cool and solidify. After fighting through the cold to take some photos, I returned to the hut and went to bed. Later I awoke, perfectly warm, but shivering uncontrollably and experiencing something that felt like a harpoon through my chest every time I tried to breathe deeply. Hopping into Angie's bed seemed to get things back to normal, the industrial quantity of heat she produces while sleeping leveling out my icepack of a body.

Yes, this is the strangest place I have ever been.


cones malone said...

hey guero that steem thing looks like the earths bumhole and that upside down rock is hurting my brain what the hell are you doing out there in the middle of the desert you better be carefull plenty of vultures out there they'll pick your bones clean before morning

Drytch said...

Hey Dave!! Hiya Angie!!
Dave, i saw your mum in town today, and she gave me the addy for this :)
Some beautiful things in here.. i love the stars!!

Hope you are both safe and having an awesome time..
Drytchnath01@hotmail is me, i'll keep checking in here to see where your journey next takes you

xo Liz